Ravi Ruparel
Partner | Studio21

Ravi is a Chartered Accountant and creative who has specialized in high growth and inventive businesses, principally in media, marketing, and technology. He has developed several games and tools for creative invention and has advised global brands and agencies on their creative strategies.

Ravi started his career in the city and has since worked across the world at KPMG, Shore Capital Plc, and Possible, a WPP company. He currently advises C21 Media, manages Platform Worldwide, and is a School Governor responsible for technology.

Ravi’s recent adventures include a 360° live streaming project for the Vodafone Foundation, which involved broadcasting a live tour of the National Gallery to schoolchildren in Kakuma, Kenya, as well a producing a series of international art projects to raise awareness for diabetes, heart failure, and degenerative brain diseases. He holds a number of patents and design rights for a range of educational toys and games.